Why support Kevin & Moriah financially? 
Written by Moriah Thompson

Any successful venture is supported by a team of people. In our case, we need more than a handful supporting this mission. Our goal is to establish a vibrant & healthy church within walking distance of every African on the continent!

We are aiming for a GOD sized goal rather than a safe goal!

But we are not so ignorant as to think we could accomplish this task alone! We do need a team of passionate people, churches and companies from our home town supporting us! Will you be apart of this mission?

We have consulted with experienced missionaries to create a budget goal that will get us to Cameroon for the initial 2 year assignment and keep us there for a lifetime!

Helpful Quick Links
The easiest way to give is to talk to a person at Contributor Services! Call to ask any questions you may have, set up giving or make a one time donation 877-840-4800
-Moriah Thompson


A tax-deductible "one-time" donation
of $5, $10, or $20 to help us during our first two years of work. 


Travel and moving expense
Initial deposits
Equipment for ministry  


A tax-deductible monthly donation
of $5, $10, or $20 to help us during our first two years of work. 


Having difficultly signing up online?
Give me a call (919)-721-3514