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Written by Moriah Thompson 01/29/2021

We are so glad that you want to know who we are! We are Christians who are passionate about two great things. That is, being saved from death by Jesus Christ and giving others the opportunity to know. 

Kevin and I accepted Jesus as our savior in 2015 and 2016. By that time we had both come to conclusions of desperation and depression that caused us to finally consider Jesus’s way. We each took time to understand what that actually meant. We started by asking questions and getting to know other people who follow Jesus. Upon reflecting on our lives and the life of Jesus, we saw that there is a living God who has had his hand in our lives. Then we trusted in the living God, who has revealed his love for mankind through Jesus!

I see a clear relation between our limitations before Christ to our freedom after Christ. We now live with a solid assurance. That foundation of a faithful relationship frees us to really live and die and then live on! We've found a personal relationship that brings purpose to our lives. Being a follower of Jesus has been the only successful counter to habitual sins that once drove us. Sins like, sexual relationships, drug abuse, hatred and malicious manipulation. Our relationship with Jesus allowed us to find strength in our weaknesses and begin to overcome them!

We really enjoy watching movies and eating together.  My hometown is Beacon, New York. Kevin’s hometown is Sanford, North Carolina. Kevin took interest in computer repair in community college. I took up childhood education. Currently we are pursuing theological studies through Global University as we serve in West Africa.

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