Cameroonians are known for their confidence, creativity, dance, music, spirituality and work ethic. 

Cameroon is speckled throughout with churches, mosques, homes of shamans and healers. Religious freedom is granted, religious harassment is prohibited and the government is secular. 

This region of the world has had to work hard to end administrative corruption, secure stable revenue outside of the agriculture sector, and end religious extremists who kill and harass civilians.


Our hope is that one day soon Cameroon will be known as a place of peace where civilians are free to make positive change.
Our goal is to help establish a healthy church within walking distance of every person on the continent!  

Music and Dance

Get yourself ready with this Cameroonian dance tutorial!

Sista - Charlotte Dipanda Ft. Yémi Alad

Sista is my favorite Cameroonian artist music video. Charlotte Dipanda and Yémi Alade collaborate in this song about being sister friends. In this song you'll hear Charlotte singing in French, her native language Bakaka and Duala.  Her costar Yémi is Nigerian, of Yoruba and Igbo descent. 
Notable People

Chris Rock an American born Actor & Comedian shared his DNA test on an educational documentary, African American Lives 2, revealing ancestral ties to the Wuzlam people group in Northern Cameroon.  This group of people also inhabits Chad, Nigeria & Niger. 

Jean-Marie Téno is a filmmaker who has published about 14 short films and documentaries on life and culture before & after colonialism in Cameroon. He was born in the Banjoun region, just south of a main city, Bafoussam. The native language spoken in this region is Ghomala.
Ruben Um Nyobè became a lawyer during the French    occupation of Cameroon. A nationalist civil rights leader who formed the UPC (United People of Cameroon) political party. For that work he was assassinated by the French military because advocating independence at that time was considered treason. He was born a few hours west of the capitol Yaounde and spoke French, Bassa, Bulu, and Do. 
Still not sure, "What is Cameroon?"

Check out this GeographyNow video.