Ivory Coast
Côte d'Ivoire 

Ivorians are known for their ambition in business, management, and artisanship. In cities, towns, and villages you will find talented carpenters, skilled tailors, soulful singers. leather craftsmen, glass and metal workers. Like Cameroon, this country is another ethnic melting pot. Strong economic relations to the surrounding West African countries and France, are secured by the agricultural industry and immigration. 

In general, the church in Côte d’Ivoire is thriving and passionate about evangelism. Every Saturday you can find a herald sharing the gospel of Jesus in a public place. The religious atmosphere, at least on the surface, is peaceful. New mosques are seen in nearly every town. At least an echo of the Islamic call to prayer is heard wherever you are at the specified time. Traditional healers, sometimes known as mystics, are still relevant here. Surely you will be able to find one in any direction. 

Our goal here is to train alongside a healthy church movement full of passionate ministers, who not only preach the gospel but meet the needs of the people as well.

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Well Known Ivorians 

Ronald Hayes was a great American tenor from the 20th century. Notably, one of the first African Americans to take part in classical music concerts. Later he packed out concert halls in Europe and America . He became a world class artist.

As far as we know, Roland’s great grandfather was brought to the American South from Côte d’Ivoire during the Transalantic Slave Trade. Songs like; Were You There, I can Tell the World and Go Down Moses can be found on Youtube. A foundational negro spiritual, He Never Said a Mumbling Word, according to Roland Hayes was created by his Ivorian great-grandfather Aba Ougi.

Didier Drogba is a native of Abidjan, and “The best striker!”. This famous football player  is iconic and honored because of his success in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

His record breaking goal scoring on the Les Éléphants team is not his only legacy. Much of the spotlight on this special player comes from his time on the Chelsea FC team.

He has earned African Player of the Year 2 times and the runner-up position 4 times. Drogba also simultaneously held the position of co-coach and player as Les Éléphants made it to the 1st round of the African World Cup.

Bambadjan Bamba, another native born of Abidjan, came to America as a 10 year old boy. He has played a minor role in one of America’s highest earning films since 2018. He has continued to to find new minor roles in movies and television series. 

Accomplishments like these have enabled Bambadjan to establish an independent film production company. The company Ivostar is based in Los Angeles, the hub of the American film industry. Having scored minor roles in big budget emissions like Black Panther, Suicide Squad and Bosch this side of his career is promising for the young actor. 


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